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London: A Night on the Town

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    Nighttime Adventures For many, night time is when they go to sleep, but for others, it’s when they come alive. London is a city, so it never truly sleeps. Eager adventurers can find all sorts of places to go, things to do, and people to see in London on a night on the town. All it takes is some curiosity. Hungry? London offers every style of cuisine from mouth-watering Vietnamese street food to succulently elegant French brasseries. No matter how picky the eater, everyone will find something they’ll like. It’s best to not decide where to go ahead of time: just walk outside and follow your nose.   Take In a Show Those who are looking to take in a show should look no further than London’s Piccadilly Circus. Whether you’re strolling i

Is London Food Too Expensive For Students?

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London is notoriously expensive. It is typically quoted as the priciest place to live in the UK, making it a difficult place for students to reside. Even the cost of food can seem inflated. Millennials love eating in restaurants. According to Business Insider, 53 percent of Millennials go out to eat once a week, compared with only 43 percent of those from other generations. But this social hour can add up quite quickly for those living in London, where a meal for two in a mid-price restaurant averages £40.   “The price of food in London is expensive. Unnecessarily so,” says Westminster student Vickie. “It’s more reasonable at home in Essex.” “It’s very expensive to go out, but I still do,” chimes in Kostas. “I go to Nando’s because it is cheap for what it is.” Nando’s may s

The Best Treatment For My Homesickness

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Actually as a Chinese visiting student enjoying life but also struggling with language burries, variety deadlines, culture differences, daily trivialities in London, what gives me the most comfort and satisfaction is the traditional food of my own country. Though located in such a great international modern city where is filled with all sorts of wonderful dishes all over the world, I still miss Chinese food so much. First let’s talk about the highly ranked Chinese restaurant in London. Most people will go to Chinatown directly. This is a good idea. But there are also some other wonderful restaurants seperating in other places in London. I went out for testing them every weekend and now give you this recommended list. If you want to go to have hot pot, I RECOMMEND you to —— 蜀香格 (Sich