Emily in Paris: the ultimate return?

Credit: Léonard Cotte

With fans buzzing for its release, Emily in Paris Season 3 is set to return to our screens this Wednesday.

The release of Emily in Paris, Season 3 is creating an exciting commotion for many Netflix Subscribers.

While initial thoughts of season 3 being created was doubtful, in early 2022 Netflix confirmed its return for not one but two more seasons!

The trailer was release on the 30th November, less than a month before it is set to be on our screens. From the trailer we can expect more glamour, drama, and of course, fashion.

The new season is set to be released on the Wednesday 21st December. Written and composed by Chris Alan Lee, the new drama will undoubtably be one not to miss.

Watch the Emily in Paris season 3 trailer below.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Trailer

Words: Beth Lander | Subbed: Mathumithah Kandiah

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