Elon Musk vs Twitter – Is the CEO stepping down?

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Twitter users want to see Elon Musk gone, based on a poll started by the CEO himself on Sunday. According to the results, 57.5 per cent of 17.5 million voters would prefer to see someone else as the head of the platform.

Musk announced at the start of the vote on Sunday that he would act according to the result – suggesting that the poll wasn’t simply an “opinion” vote.

Musk has done quite a bit to enrage a significant portion of the Twitter community.  

Last week he announced that soon it wouldn’t be possible to share links to other social media platforms on Twitter, and suspended the accounts of several well-known American journalists. Then proceeded to revoke both policies within 24 hours.

Musk also made several painful HR decisions, including hiring his own cousins ​​at the company.  He angered many by stopping the filtering of fake news about Covid, and by reactivating Donald Trump’s account.

We are eagerly waiting to see if he will really resign from the management of the company after the result of the vote (which doesn’t mean he won’t remain the owner of the company, but he would hand over the responsibilities of CEO to someone else).

Words:Andrea Rezman|Subbing:Anna Kamocsai

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