Fashion trends prediction for 2023

Image: Armen Aydinyan

According to various fashion editors, critics and publications, 2023 will be a mesh between continuing previous fashion trends and the stage for new innovative styles.

In recent years, the fashion industry has been going back in time, reliving all of fashion’s timeless and iconic trends. From Y2K to classy suits to vintage findings. However, many new trends were introduced, such as cut-out mini cargo skirts, exercise fits such as gym jackets, corset tops and cowboy boots. Trends are at the heart of fashion, defining every moment in clothing wear. The year before is always different from the year coming. What fashion trends will 2023 bring to us?

Here are some of the fashion trend predictions for 2023:

90s minimalism

There will be a return to the sleek and minimalism of the 90s with the elevation of basics and essentials for the new season. This look will offer modern yet minimalist styles without emphasising layers instead of accessories.


Y2K took 2022 by storm with the popularity of micro-miniskirts and miniskirts, low-rise jeans and vibrant colours. More vintage buying and looks will become prevalent with the help of Gen Z.  


Sheer looks have been on the low; however, they have started to gain traction and will be taking over this year. Searches on transparent looks had risen by 40 to 53 per cent during autumn/winter 2022. According to Tiffany Hsu, vice president of womenswear at Mytheresa, “less is more”. More transparent and sexy looks may be the icon of 2022.

Everyday wear

Everyday wear but elevated. Oversized shirts and jeans were the most searched pieces on Google in 2022. Every day looks like jeans, and tops will be in but with a twist, such as tops with slits, open-cut denim or joggers with trench coats. With these looks, everyday wear can be elevated to something far more stylish than a basic outfit. 

Words: Mathumithah Kandiah| Subbing: Bethany Lander

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