Try these 5 anti-waste Christmas sandwiches to reduce food waste

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Why not reduce waste with these 5 TikTok recipes and make an excellent boxing day snack with your leftovers this season.

The holidays are approaching and one thing which is on the minds of everyone is how much food to get for the big day. Most households end up with more than they need which sadly goes to waste after a few days. Fortunately, TikTok creators have emerged with a way of salvaging the leftovers by making them into delicious sandwiches! Here are 5 TikToks on how to make the best Christmas sandwiches so you can prevent food waste.

1.@Madebyblitz – If you are vegan or trying to cut back on meat consumption, Madebyblitz is just the place to get your simple recipes from. This vegan chicken Christmas sandwich is a perfect substitute if you decided to go meat free for the holidays. The ‘chicken’ is paired with as lovely rosemary, thyme and sage patty which is baked and topped off with some cranberry sauce, which can always be found lurking around after the big meal. Of course this can still be make into a meat option if desired.

2. @lilyghodrati – Lily Knows how to put an innovative flair to her food. Her Christmas dinner sandwich is made of everything you would find in the quintessential festive meal. From turkey, potato mash, stuffing, and cranberry sauce as a filling, down to using the Yorkshire puddings as buns. This is finished off with a nice grill press to hold down the bulky richness of a filling boxing day snack.

3. @idahoan_foods_uk – This hearty-looking sandwich will make you wish you’d saved more of your Christmas dinner just to make more of these. This scrumptious heap of goodness starts off with cranberry and mash spread across some brown bread, layered with turkey, sausage, sprouts, purple cabbage, and is finished off with a nice gravy dip.

4. @sheffara – This three-layered beauty will use up every one of your leftovers from your big dinner. From the vegetables to the succulent fried chicken, this dish will be enough to fill you up for the entire boxing day.

5. @mcrfinest – if you are looking for a more elaborate touch to your boxing day afters, try making Manchester’s Finest’s Christmas Hoagie. From the succulent gravy-dipped turkey down to the touch of bacon, this sandwich is everything you need in order to fill your stomach.

WORDS: Jade Mudau, SUBEDIT: Jessica Sanches Semedo

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