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7 reasons NOT to go to Winter Wonderland this year

Whether you’re going to take a wintery Instagram pic or just need an excuse to add whiskey to your hot chocolate at 4pm, it’s time to finally accept it - Winter Wonderland is just not that great. At the risk of being a big old Scrooge, here’s seven reasons why it might be better to stay home this Christmas season. Reporter: Hannah Grafton | Sub-Editor: Frances Cullen   1. The prices Despite having free entry, Winter Wonderland is infamous for it’s inflated prices, and also provides us with the extra setback of having little to no card machines. Eat before you go, or be prepared to pay more for mulled wine and a hot dog than you’ve spent on your Mum’s Christmas present. Priorities. 2. The cold As it’s essentially a huge fairground, it goes without saying that Winter Wonde
Millennial – Issue 1

Millennial – Issue 1

Food, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Magazines, Tech, Technology, Travel
Welcome to Millennial. This is the premier issue of our new lifestyle magazine directed at young Londoners. It's a publication dedicated to covering the issues you care about and delivering the best tech, food, travel and health features. This is also our Winter edition, so it's packed full of festive Christmas features too. Created as a collaboration between The Voice of London's Lifestyle and Food teams.  

Overheard in Kensington: We eavesdrop at 2016’s Winter Arts and Antiques Fair

Apart from queuing, there's nothing we Brits like more than people watching and being nosy. As art, antiques, furniture, jewellery and collectors’ pieces all came together under one roof at the iconic Kensington Olympia Exhibition Centre, we went along to eavesdrop at the 'IKEA for the rich'. Reporter: James Brookes | Sub-Editor: Yasmin Jeffery   "Do we have to?" I'm being given that look. The one where pained expression and exasperated voice come together to begin a battle you know you've already lost. Arts and antiques don't have a particularly thrilling reputation, and the fact that I've just suggested spending a Sunday afternoon surrounded by them isn't usually an offer that most girls want from their boyfriends. "We won't be long, I promise." The battle continue
Eat hot pot to beat the cold weather

Eat hot pot to beat the cold weather

Winter is coming, it is time for hot pot. The temperature in London has dropped to 2 degrees celsius, and winter is on its way. Londoners can warm themselves up by visiting hot pot restaurants, such as Little Sichuan on Finchley road, Shuang Shuang and Ermei in Chinatown, or making hot pot at home.   Reporter: Yueer Wang   Sub-editor: Maria-Christina Chougkaeva   Walking passed Chinatown, several restaurants are already advertising their hot pots. That just shows how traditional Chinese cuisine is an indispensable companion for frigid days. Eating a hot and spicy dish during a cold day is much more satisfying than a cold sandwich. Hot pot literally means a metal pot containing a simmering flavoured broth. The pot is often placed at the centre of a table and is surrou