Four workout apps to help you exercise this winter

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As winter time has arrived, more and more of us prefer to stay indoors, wrap up in a blanket and indulge in lazy habits. Going to the gym would be ideal, but the cost of living is making this impossible, so here is a list of 4 apps which are perfect for homebodies who wish to improve their physical condition.

  1. Fitness RPG

This is the perfect app for gamers as it uses your step count as an additive to the game. Throughout the game, you are encouraged to battle enemies using the given characters, named heroes, in order to level up. The more steps accumulated in a day, the more the user can upgrade its heroes, as their steps will convert into energy and make them stronger.

If you enjoy playing games, this app will be a great motivation to make you walk around as you will be addicted to fighting your way up the levels.

2. Seven: 7 Minute HIIT Workout

If you are just starting your fitness journey and do not know where to start, the Seven app is a great place to start. Although it offers a subscription, the free version offers a range of benefits; the app is very customisable and begins with a series of questions to get to you know better. These questions include the body areas you are looking to target, as well as your availability, which in the end create a personalised programme.

Aside from scheduling your own workouts, you can navigate through their other categories and work out whenever you have a spare 7 minutes; this is also great if you are aiming to build up your endurance gradually.

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3. 30 Day Fitness

Although this is a longer-term challenge, it can be accustomed to your own physical activity and availability. The app begins by asking about your goals and even if you own any equipment, if you would prefer to exercise with them.

Next, you will be faced with your first personalised workout, which can be prepared by scrolling through the different sets it includes.

Due to the nature of this app, it has a separate section for its 30-day challenge series. It features a variety of sub-categories, specific to the goal you are aiming to reach at the end of the 30 days.

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4. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is another pedometer app which uses rewards as motivation. Similarly to the RPG Fitness game, Sweatcoin counts your daily steps, but in their case converts them into money.

The app even enables users to invite their friends for 5 sweatcoins in exchange, and compete against others for extra motivation. Once enough in-app currency is earned, it can be redeemed for various prizes, or cash, in their ‘shop’ category.

In addition, their newest section, named ‘challenge’ allows users to complete set goals and win the advertised prizes, including tech items or vouchers for other popular apps including Amazon.

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Words: Andreea Bejan | Subbing: Patrick Grady

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