New Game of Thrones teaser just dropped


Game of Thrones has just released a new teaser trailer for its upcoming, final season 8. With only a few months left until the premiere, the fans have long been waiting for a chance to peek behind the curtain. Is it what they were waiting for? Or just an appetiser before the actual trailer comes out?


Even though the teaser is 39 seconds long and doesn’t show any actual footage, it’s enticing enough to push many into a winter-long binge of previous seasons. The scene shows two waves, one of fire and one of ice, both rapidly consuming a map of Westeros to eventually clash in the middle and leave nothing but destruction. It certainly leaves a lot to the imagination, but according to Casey Bloys, HBO programming president, we could get the actual trailer before the end of the year – as he told Entertainment Weekly in July.

Here is how the fans reacted to the teaser:

This is the second teaser to promote the final season of the series. The first one confirmed the release date to be on April 2019.

If you’re worried about an overwhelming and inevitable feeling of emptiness after the show runs its course, don’t be. There’s plenty of spin-offs in the workings and they’re full of dragons, blood and incest. All that’s left to do now is wait.



Words: Adam Kaczyński | Subbing: Matilde Moro 

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