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Expression and communication. This is what the world needs. From war-torn Syria to the lively streets of Central London, the world is in a sensitive state and is in need of guidance. Expression is at…

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SAVAGE: Issue One

Four girls. Lots of talent and anger that got together to create an entertainment magazine to throw all other entertainment magazines out of the way. There are amazing articles by our entertainment staff, from an interview…

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Fashionality: issue one

Today we have released a brand new fashion and beauty magazine. Aimed at 18-25 year olds living in London, we aim to bring you the latest fashion and beauty news around. December is always the busiest…

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SPACED – Issue One

Welcome to Spaced, a magazine collaboration of the arts and entertainment sections of the Voice of London. The Spaced team came together from both the entertainment and the arts sections of the Voice of London…

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