Expression and communication. This is what the world needs. From war-torn Syria to the lively streets of Central London, the world is in a sensitive state and is in need of guidance. Expression is at the heart of what VEX is. We discuss and comment on the issues which define society, at the end of what is set to be the most unpredictable year of the 21st century. From the rise of right-wing populism to the lack of affordable housing – young Londoners need a voice which articulates their frustrations. In a country progressively becoming more unequal, with the lack of graduate opportunities and the costs of living consistently rising, we’re here to provide you with critical coverage of what matters. We have £50 overseas getaways, insights from music industry leaders, the affects of media content on social discourse and the implications of the ban of agency fees. Sir Francis Bacon once said “knowledge is power”. He was right. However, young people must understand how to utilise their potential power. And this is why, young people need VEX.

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