SS22: a season to remember

Credit: Raden Prasetya

When thinking of summer – late nights, sunshine, beach days and that carefree feeling are what initially comes to one’s mind. Summer is a time for fresh starts, growth and fun. 

Considering the disruption the last two holidays endured, it is unsurprising the anticipation the much-awaited Summer 2022 has obtained. With lockdown restrictions taking a seat into the past, the time has come to switch those wintery coats and refresh your wardrobe.

SS22 is taking nostalgia to a new level. We’re talking 90’s nostalgia – ultra-miniskirts, low waists, super sheer fabrics, cutout culture and, of course, bright bold colours. 

Excited? Same. Below are five trends that are a must-have within your SS22 wardrobe.

Cutout Culture

From dresses to swimsuit, cutout culture has returned with a bang. The removals of fabric, provides a subtle illusion to one’s shape – this trend is being used by designers like Valentino, Tom Ford and Mugler. Cutout culture is a long-term trend that always looks comfortably seamless.


When it comes to chill sunny days, taking a minimal yet glamourous look allows one to seem effortlessly stylish. From cover-ups, crop tops and dresses, the netting look is inspired by fishnets. The relaxed look is perfect for a beachside day, or a calm stroll through the town.

Shine Bright

Bold bright colours are back and bigger than ever. From forest green to raspberry, the block trend has taken over. If you’re looking for an exciting way to spice up any outfit, why not go head-to-toe in some radiant pieces. 

Low-waist Extravaganza

For many the return of low waisted bottoms is a horror flashback, but with the modernisation of this returning classic, options of mid-waist bottoms have secured the trend as inclusive. When styling this influential look, crop tops are the most obvious option – showcasing the 00’s theatrics.

The Moss 3000.

Initially appearing in the 90’s, super sheer is slowly returning to our wardrobes. Famously worn by Kate Moss, the controversial fabric is swiping modesty into the bin. If you’re looking to have fun with fashion, layering with this material is the new and creative path to take.

Words: Bethany Lander|Sub-editor: Kira Bruce

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