Fashionality: issue one

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-4-17-57-pmToday we have released a brand new fashion and beauty magazine. Aimed at 18-25 year olds living in London, we aim to bring you the latest fashion and beauty news around.

December is always the busiest time of year for every publication and that does not exclude the Fashionality team. This month saw myself meet editor to editor after spending an evening with Jo Elvin, the wonder behind Glamour Magazine. After a lengthy discussion, it gave me a different view on how to run my own magazine, which enabled us all to go about out work in a better way.

Rihanna’s latest releases of her many shoe collaborations got the world in a spin, and we take a look at why celebrity fashion labels are as popular as they are. As ever fashion is what we love most at Fashionality, we have a behind the scenes from Central Saint Martins, inspiration can be found for your party clothing in our article on dressing for you body shape, whilst keeping in mind our feature on the resurgence of 80s and 90s fashion. To keep up Christmas spirits we have beauty ideas for you to dazzle during the festive season and the New Year.

As always it was our pleasure to meet with and speak to model Dennis Okwera about the industry we love so dearly, and as always keep you up to date with the latest fashion and beauty news.

You can catch our full feature of our evening and meeting with Jo Elvin on our full Voice Of London website.

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