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Vetements: Reinventing Fashion One Step At a Time

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Vetements, French for 'clothes', is the brand that can’t be missed in fashion. It has been defined as “the anti-fashion brand waking up the industry” by The Telegraph. Reporter: Alma Fabiani | Sub-editor: Zynab Sandhu Calling themselves a ‘design collective’, Vetements and its team is basically managed as a democracy, where Georgian Demna Gvasalia, his brother, Guram and five other friends all work together. Demna said in an interview with Vogue: “It has to be democratic, it’s the most efficient way to work.” The brand was created in his bedroom in Paris and wasn’t supposed to be commercialised at first. His brother then decided to try and sell their creations. Demna recalls having conversations with friends working for other big fashion names: “We used to meet up and have these f

Paris, one year on: ISIS massacre victims to be honoured with poetry readings

The Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris will hold the first "Night of Poetry" over the weekend, one year after horrific terror attacks shook the French capital. Reporter: Yasmin Jeffery | Sub-Editor: James Brookes Normal life in Paris may have resumed, but the 130 victims who lost their lives in the terror attacks across the city have not been forgotten. Marking one year since the events of 13 November 2015, the Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA) will hold a series of poetry readings throughout the evening. Explaining the reasoning behind the event, the IMA said simply: "Poetry is a way of remembering." Speakers will include Lebanese artist Zeina Abirached, who was born and raised in war-torn Beirut. Known for using old photographs and TV footage to create comics, she will draw interpr

We’re Celebrating Kim’s Birthday (Even If She’s Not)

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Although Kim Kardashian West has disappeared from the online world and cancelled her birthday bash, thousands of people tweeted her today with birthday wishes. Reporter: Marta Szymborska | Sub-Editor: Andrew Whiteford Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ main girl is celebrating her 36th birthday today but we’ve still heard nothing from the star. Hopefully the recent discovery of CCTV images apparently showing the people behind the eight million Paris theft, will help Kim K feel more secure and prepare for her comeback. It didn’t take long for the other members of the Kardashian family to move on and resume their online presence. Kylie Jenner is back, releasing her new KylieCosmetics autumn eye shadow palette, and already getting in trouble with Blac Chyna, who accused her and Tyga of ste
Holidays During the Christmas Period

Holidays During the Christmas Period

Londoners love getting away from the busy city during Christmas period not only to escape the hassle, but also to enjoy a few good days of peace and quiet with their family and friends. Words: Mariya Hristova  Subeditor:Tamara Hutchinson If you haven’t been in London for a long time but still managed to witness and survive the tube strike periods in August and July then you can imagine what it would look like during the Christmas holiday as well. Trouble is that during this period not only do the trains not run but also buses stop working. If you are lucky enough to own a car or able to afford cabs then it is of no worry or concern to you. Unfortunately, most people commute and it is impossible for them to live through the Christmas in the capitol. London is dead for 3 days. A lot