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Beautiful photos of Paris and Where to take them

Beautiful photos of Paris and Where to take them

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A penchant for Paris? Look no further than this guide for all things Paris photography. Paris is without a doubt one of the most photogenic cities in the world. Every landmark or street corner has you taking your camera out for a shot, even if you are just walking from your hotel to a local supermarket, so it can be hard to prioritise what to take a photo of. We understand this and have decided to make everyone’s lives a little easier by showing you the most iconic photo opportunities in the City of Love. One thing everyone thinks (or think they know) about Paris is that it is the place of impressionist paintings and love songs, the muse of Hemingway and Balzac. But when you finally make it to Paris and see the city for yourself, its charms transcends all of the above
Restaurant review: L’Arpège, Paris

Restaurant review: L’Arpège, Paris

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The house of faith for vegetables. Probably the most divisive restaurant, L’Arpège is a place where you’d either love or hate, no in-between. As a loyal fan of the popular series Chef’s Table I came across chef Alain Passard’s 3 Michelin-star restaurant for the first time. His passion for cooking could be easily noticed in the episode, which showed how he began gaining recognition with meat dishes and afterwards found his calling with vegetables. The restaurant and the chef received a lot of praises for creating a revolution on fine-vegetable-dining, and it is always fully-booked, even though the prices are very (very!) steep. I managed to score a reservation for my best friend’s birthday. She’s a vegetarian and a foodie, so I knew chef Alain Passard’s restaurant would b

Chanel x Colette. Approaching the end of the unique boutique after 20 successful years

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You might want to seriously consider a trip to Paris as it could be your last chance to experience shopping at one of the world’s most significant boutiques before it closes as soon as 20th December this year. As of today, you have until 25th of November to enjoy Chanel’s exclusive designs, which took over the whole first floor of the Parisian boutique Colette. The famous brand and the unique boutique have prepared for you a variety of limited-edition items for Fall/Winter 2017, and T-shirts designed by Chanel’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld himself. Next Monday to the variety of ready-to-wear pieces will be also added Chanel’s Cruise 2018 collection, providing you with one more reason to visit the store.   Colette hosting this pop-up with Chanel is the last collabo

Vetements: Reinventing Fashion One Step At a Time

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Vetements, French for 'clothes', is the brand that can’t be missed in fashion. It has been defined as “the anti-fashion brand waking up the industry” by The Telegraph. Reporter: Alma Fabiani | Sub-editor: Zynab Sandhu Calling themselves a ‘design collective’, Vetements and its team is basically managed as a democracy, where Georgian Demna Gvasalia, his brother, Guram and five other friends all work together. Demna said in an interview with Vogue: “It has to be democratic, it’s the most efficient way to work.” The brand was created in his bedroom in Paris and wasn’t supposed to be commercialised at first. His brother then decided to try and sell their creations. Demna recalls having conversations with friends working for other big fashion names: “We used to meet up and have these f