Beautiful photos of Paris and Where to take them

Photo by Liam Gant from Pexels

A penchant for Paris? Look no further than this guide for all things Paris photography.

Paris is without a doubt one of the most photogenic cities in the world. Every landmark or street corner has you taking your camera out for a shot, even if you are just walking from your hotel to a local supermarket, so it can be hard to prioritise what to take a photo of. We understand this and have decided to make everyone’s lives a little easier by showing you the most iconic photo opportunities in the City of Love.

One thing everyone thinks (or think they know) about Paris is that it is the place of impressionist paintings and love songs, the muse of Hemingway and Balzac. But when you finally make it to Paris and see the city for yourself, its charms transcends all of the above mentioned cliches. I visited the city with my best friend to celebrate her birthday. We spent the trip walking around the streets of Paris in Maje dresses and matching heels, finding the perfect spots for the perfect photos. We aimed to create our own Paris memoir in pictures. Check out some of our photos and some other best shots below:

Here’s a map with added directions for all the locations you should go to in Paris for the best photos. Walked to some, take an Uber to some further ones, anything you do, the map can help. It lets you alternate between directions for walking and driving too. Remember to check out the description box for some tips on how you can take the most stunning shots.


Words: Ngoc Minh Thu Le | Subbing: Ruby Naldrett


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