Airport fever is at its lowest

Photo credit: Yuan Luo

Heathrow airport lost over 72% of passengers from all over the world between January and October, in comparison with the same period in 2019. 

Data also shows that travellers account for only one-fourth of last year’s figures are travelling from Heathrow airport.

April 2020 withness the lowest passager flow with only 9,646 Britons among 206,324 total traveller.

North America market experienced the biggest crush. A record of just over 27,000 of passengers arrived in April 2020, the number was 57 times higher in 2019 with 1,557,547 passengers in the same month.

Graphic of Heathrow passengers per month | Source – Heathrow

Airports from all over the world are experiencing different levels of decline in passager flow.

Voice of London’s reporter Yuan Luo began her journey in Heathrow London and tracked this in relation to Keyuan, a Chinese student in France, journeying from southern China to Paris.

Despite the destination, however, the experiences were vastly different.

Video credit: Yuan Luo & Keyuan Zheng 


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Words & Video: Yuan Luo | Subbing: Anuj Datta


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