Travel for London burgeoning financial crisis

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TfL have announced that for the second year, the traditional free Tube travel on News Years eve will not occur. Revellers will be made to pay for the service amid the financial crisis that has hit TFL since the start of the pandemic.

The tradition, that dates back to 2000, meant that underground travel is free from 11:30pm- 04:30am and the cost is usually covered by a sponsor.

Although the free New Years Eve travel is funded externally, TfL have been unsuccessful securing funding for this year, another setback they are facing alongside talks of a permanent tube line closure.

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In the Evening Standard, TfL said: “Following the catastrophic impact of the pandemic on TfL’s finances, TfL unfortunately will not be able to offer free travel on New Year’s Eve.

“Services on the transport network will run through the night, ensuring that people can enjoy everything London has to offer and get home safely.”

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan admits that there is a possibility of a tube line closure as well as 100 bus routes axed unless TfL secures long term funding from the government.

The Evening Standard reported that Mr Khan told BBC 5 Live: “One of the things we are looking into is the possibility of closing a Tube line. Why? Because closing a Tube line will make the savings, the cuts, that we need to introduce if we are going to balance our books.”

Currently the two lines at most risk are the Bakerloo and Jubilee services.

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Words: Uzma Khan; Subbed: Gizdem Albayrak

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