Train drivers threaten to go on Tube strike

London Tube station. Photo by Pau Casals on Unsplash

The Night Tube is set to restart later this month, however, not everyone is happy.

Train drivers for the London Underground have threatened to go on strike after the Night Tube staff were axed and joined the regular Tube workers.

According to Sky News: “Twenty-four-hour strikes will take place on the Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadilly and Victoria lines from 26 November and 18 December.” This will also affect the Night Tubes, which have been reintroduced amid concerns about women’s safety.

We asked students at University of Westminster for their thoughts. Amy Smith-Keary, 30, said:

It won’t happen. The transport always threaten to strike, but they never do. I personally never use the Night Tube, but I know it’s important.

A student said that the Night Tubes reopening would “please the public. But I hope the train drivers will get reimbursed.”

Another student said: “I agree with [the train drivers]. I wouldn’t want to work longer hours. It should be optional to work longer hours. Also, it’s winter time, so people tend to stay in more and not go out as much, so they won’t use the Night Tube.”

The RMT Union have posted a statement on their website:

TUBE UNION RMT has called action by members over what it describes as the imposition of unacceptable and intolerable demands on staff in advance of the Night Tube reopening.

The union says will wreck work life balance by bulldozing through additional night and weekend working.

At time of publishing, TfL have not posted a statement.

Words: Katie Bird Sub-edited: Ivan Zhelev

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