5 High Fashion Masks to Splurge on

As fashion evolves, trends evolve with it. Something that started out purely to protect ourselves from the virus has mutated more towards being a fashion statement. Sadly ‘Corona Season’ does not seem to be going out of…

There’s a new store in town: Reserved

The name “Reserved’ was chosen in 1998, when the brand first launched, it only appealed to Polish customers. Now, twenty years later, it is established across many markets. The Polish label has now opened in…

The Ultimate Winter Look-Book

Having to cover up for the winter can be such a bore, how are you meant to show off the new beaded top or short-length trousers you just purchased? We might have a solution for…

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7 ways to stay in fashion

Everyone has a personal style and there are a few tricks, which you should consider, in order to follow yours in a marvellous way. Here are our seven useful tips on how to improve your style….

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Has social media changed dieting?

Dieting was once boring and rigorous. With the rise of Instagram, a broader information accessibility and a better understanding of nutrition, has our approach changed? Opening a random Instagram account is enough to notice that our…

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How to eat in 2018

Bye-bye, rainbow cheese toasties and glazed doughnuts? Hello, drinks with pulp? Eating with your eyes is so 2017. According to the global food analysts, next year is all about weird structures and chewiness. Also, lab-grown…

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