Waitrose reveals top 2017 food trends and predicts what we will be craving in 2018

In 2017 we discovered that carbs are not so bad after all. According to the latest Waitrose Food and Drink Report, pasta, fresh bread, Mac ‘n’ cheese, bulgur wheat and quinoa were among the first choices of the Brits. 2017 was also the year of blueberries, turmeric, herbs, dark veggies like broccoli and kale, peanut butter, protein and buddha bowls (Yes, the colourful ones popping up on Instagram).

With 2018 approaching, Waitrose ventured in what will be next year’s food craze:


Indian Street Food

Image: www.indianstreetfoodco.com

Indian food is not all about chicken tikka masala. Apparently, it will be common to spot food trucks selling smoked, grilled or seared delicacies and surprising hybrids such as “spiced burgers or lamb keema tacos”. Namaste, Indian tapas.


Japanese ‘dude food’

Image: SORTEDfood

Gone are the days of miso and noodle soup.
In 2018 we will get to experience the indulgent side of Japan. Dishes like Yakitori skewered chicken or deep-fried tofu in broth, inspired by Japanese pubs, the Izakaya bars, will be the new Asian trend. It’s southern US comfort food meeting the flavours of after-hours Tokyo.


Fourth meal

Image: Pinterest

Apparently, the extra meal we consume in silent guilt during the day has earned a place in next year’s trends. Whether you have two breakfasts because you wake up early to go to the gym, or squeeze a cheeky piece of toast in your eating schedule after an early dinner, good news is, it is not a shame any more.


Plant proteins

Image: Pinterest

Pulses, shoots, grains, seeds, soy or algae: they can be mixed to salads, sprinkled on your breakfast porridge or smoothie bowl, added to bread or pastry dough for fancy flavours. We went crazy for plant proteins in 2017, we will keep up the demand in 2018.


Words: Giulia Trinci | Subbing: Kate Kulniece

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