The rebirth of the digital camera

The 2000’s go-to fashion accessory is back

Phone, wallet, keys and canon powershot-elph 190 digital camera, once staples back in 2009, the influence of the digital camera have resurfaced and they are all the rage in 2022.

It may seem surprising that the humble device that peaked in popularity 15 years ago is experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity in a world where phone cameras are impossibly convenient and of astonishingly impressive quality. Regardless, it was inevitable that our focus would turn back to digital cameras as well with the revival of flip phones and wired headphones.  

Of course, no comeback would be complete without the acknowledgement of the modern day ‘it girls’. We have Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa and Charlie D’Amelio to name a few, to thank for this one. Once they were spotted swinging them from their wrists, it was only a matter of time until the rest of us caught on.

Immediately identifiable, the mid-2000s camera showcases an aesthetic incomparable to the latest iPhone. The clear, yet misty quality of the images highlight an illusive reflection to the decades past. If we’ve learned anything from the Y2K era, it’s that our generation is constantly looking back to revisit and reinvent eras. The resurface of the digital camera was written in the stars.

There’s nothing fancy about the retro device, they’re as simple to use as ever, unlike the similarly popular film camera, that can involve some fussing. We, as nostalgia driven individuals, crave simplicity and it can’t get more simple than the digital camera (if you’re going for that vintage cool kid aesthetic). The idyllic nature of the SD card allows for easy transfers to your phones, meaning uploading to instagram couldn’t be simpler. 

Thankfully, they aren’t going to break the bank either, usually running at about £20. As trends go, it’s fairly sustainable, the chances of discovering a digital camera lying around the house are relatively high!, and if not there’s any amount available to buy second-hand. 

Patrick Grady|Subbing: Tania Alasady

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