‘Devil Lips’: The latest Instagram trend

‘Devil Lips’ are the latest bizarre Instagram trend hitting our timelines.  

The unusual fad consists of injecting lip filler around the edges of the mouth to create a full ‘wavy’ look. Hundreds of Instagram users have begun posting #devillips showing off their new pouts.

It is thought to have been created by Russian cosmetic surgeon Emilian Braude. This isn’t the first time Braude has gained media attention- he is well-known for his ‘unusual’ approach to cosmetic surgery.

Whilst it may seem yet another odd beauty trend, British dental and cosmetic specialists have warned about the dangers of undergoing the procedure deeming it harmful and unsafe.

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Cosmetic dentist Dr Malik Saleh says that facial aesthetic treatment should only be used to ‘enhance’ the body’s natural features. “With the Devil Lip trend, it seems an extra amount of filler is placed in certain areas that will excessively stretch and distort the lip borders for years.”

Dr Sepi Shahidi agrees that the trend will most likely cause long-term damage to the lip shape. “To create something like this you have to completely disregard all respect for anatomy and safety, injecting in such a way can cause deformation and vascular occlusion.”

Many have taken to Twitter to express their opinions on the craze, labelling it ‘dumb’:

Whilst it’s clear the strange new craze is attracting a lot of attention, many are questioning if it’s completely legitimate. “It is almost impossible to create such a look with just fillers and to have such clean definition, it is more than likely the image is photoshopped or makeup was used” says Shahidi.

It is unclear whether Devil Lips are being created solely from lip fillers or are being exaggerated with the help of makeup up and editing. Either way though, they are undoubtedly causing a stir in the doctorial and beauty community. Let us know your thoughts on the trend at @voiceoflondon_uk.

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Words by Peri Taskiran

Featured image by Unsplash

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