Styled by myself

London’s fashion week has nothing on London’s high streets and its people

As citizens of such a big, cosmopolitan city like London waiting is something that we’re used to. Right from the moment we step out of our houses to catch the bus to the never-ending queue to have your steaming afternoon cuppa, there’s always one thing or another we’re hanging around for. And yet, fashion is not one of those. 

Whoever thinks that London’s most fashionable week is that one week in September – and waits for it for the rest of the year – surely never took a stroll in Shoreditch. Reign of London’s pop culture, Brick Lane brings whoever cares to take a bit more than a look on another planet. 
With its characteristic vintage shops and retro vibe, it became the cradle of creative people in the city.

But where do these people find their inspiration? How did they find their very own personal style? Let’s find out. 


“I’m very much into fashion, I studied fashion cultures and design at university and came to London to widen my views and – as corny as it might sound – follow my dreams. I’m originally from Italy where you’re… how can I say it… you’re kind of looked at weirdly if your fashion choices are not considered ‘the norm’; so being here in London completely frees my fashion sense. Which is why right now London and its people are definitely my biggest style inspiration.”


“I think that personal style is not something that you’re born with. It evolves with your growth. My biggest inspiration probably comes from my surroundings, Shoreditch for example has amazing inputs to be inspired by… Another big part of my fashion sense are definitely my friends and family, being in the same social bubble I feel like we all kind of influence each other.”


“I’m not sure I can pinpoint one specific thing as the inspiration behind my style. Definitely my family, my mum and grandma in particular. Looking at their younger selves on pictures always makes me say ‘wow, that’s how I want to look!’. Also editorials though. I like mixing the old and the new and I guess that images are my personal mean when it comes to giving me some ideas for my get-ups.”

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JEM, 22

“We’re in the middle of Brik Lane so I can confidently say that my biggest inspiration is vintage. Actually… it’s not even about vintage, it’s more about unique pieces for me. That’s where Shoreditch’s charm hides, it’s full of singular objects and garments, it’s just lovely. I also love to play with materials, colours and textures, the mix and match is what makes my style… mine.” 

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TOM, 24

“My fashion inspiration? Is there such thing? Let me think about it… probably 50s-60s Ivy League as you might see [touches his jumper], jazz artists, especially in the London scene. So yeah I’d say a bit of a mix!” 

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“Oh, you caught me on a chill-outfit-day! Well, my major inspiration are the 80s. 80s disco, 80s videoclips and 80s movies… the whole lot. I love the colours – you probably can’t really tell today, but I do. Also, everything I wear is vintage or at least used. I started this journey a couple of years ago and it’s easier than it sounds, now it’s weird for me to go around and even look at fast fashion. REUSE, RECYCLE AND UPCYCLE GUYS!” 

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TONI, 25

“I love shapes, colours and playing with them. Bold and statement pictures are also my thing. My inspiration is probably modern art but if I had to choose a person then I’d definitely say Miranda July. Have you looked at her? Her style is always impeccable. Love.”

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“I don’t precisely know my fashion inspo. I’d say my own art, I like to match with it. And where do I find inspiration while making my art? Difficult. I’d say wherever? Probably my surroundings and people around me. I see something and I’m like wow, time to create. So yeah, also art in general though, galleries are my thing.”

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What about you? Where do you get your sense of style from?
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Words: Rachele Petrocchi | Sub editing: Nina Marangon

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