The unspoken truth about abortion- your sex life and the FDA

Credits to Sheridan Dervis

As of the 18th of December the FDA have allowed abortion pills by Mail. 1 in 3 women get abortions. The majority of which are aged 16-29 and to date 28.2 out of 1000 women ages 20- 24 are still having abortions. However, after a quick google on the psychological impact, no answers are found. Only physical impacts.

The US have just approved that abortion pill to be mailed to those who order it across the country, as of now, no restrictions are in place.

This change is now permanent. Meaning women across the country now have access to safe termination. However as the UK and US become increasingly more tolerant towards this taboo subject, the further we detach from the conversation that matters.

Abortion is a subject that many individuals in society may be opposed to. However, there is no denying that it is becoming increasingly less taboo.

With more women gaining sexual liberation, having the independence to travel and university students living out of their homes, women from 20-24 are in the top percentages to carry out abortions.

A young university student who wishes to remain anonymous told her story.

“I carried out an abortion after accidentally falling pregnant last year, physically I was fine.”

However, this young individual soon came to realise the lack of support surrounding this subject.

“A year later and it has become obvious to me and my partner that my sex life isn’t the same, I’m just scared to have sex.”

The student attempted to google how an abortion may affect sex life and your psychology but was greeted with nothing but facts on how an abortion may be carried out. “I wanted to know if I was normal but even on YouTube it was just graphs and visuals.”

 So how can an abortion affect your sex life and you?

  • Women have reported that subconsciously they have become less sexually aroused.
  • Some notice a fear to initiate sex.
  • Many feel guilt when thinking about sex.

Of course, not all women experience the same symptoms and many often feel relieved and grateful.

However, if you or anyone you know is experiencing anything like this it is important to reach out to someone.

Speaking to your partner about the feelings you’re going through is important. If you do not have a partner or friend to speak to, the following associations may help.

the hub of hope selection page

The hub of hope is an agency that provides a whole list of help.

Simply put in your location to find the help that is in your area and select what you need help with.

Once these factors have been narrowed down you can simply select an organisation that best appeals to you.

 The mental health forum is a website in which you can simply ‘join the conversation’ and you are bought to a page in which you can speak to other individuals and connect with people who may be going through something similar. This way you have access to being heard by like-minded individuals. selection page is another page, for young individuals.

This site allows you to gain access to personal stories and help.

If needed it also has a service that allows you to search for condoms, contraceptives, STI testing and mental health support in your area.

The aftermath of an abortion ranges from person to person. There is no harm in reaching out for help.

The FDA’s lift on restrictions for abortion pills is a huge win for women across America. However if you or anyone you know is experiencing difficult emotions due to any of these circumstances, be sure to reach out.

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Words by Sheridan Dervis Sub-edit: Ioana Nedelcu

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