From AstroWorld to Wireless: why overcrowding needs to be handled more seriously

Credit: Shayanne Ansah

Research says: people who go to concerts are happier and healthier than people who don’t attend. However, recent events have people questioning whether concerts put their health at risk. 

Travis Scott’s ‘Astroworld’ caused mass controversy and shock when a crowd rush led to 10 people dead and dozens injured. The incident, which occurred on the 5th November, 2021, led to police investigations with thousands of victims holding Scott, Live Nation and other organisers accountable.

This comes after the concert organisers over estimated and oversold tickets to the event, resulting in overcrowding, improper management and care when it came to safety. As well as this, Travis Scott’s encouragement for fans to ‘rush the stage’ and failure to stop the concert when danger arose were also a factor. I spoke to two individuals, Shayanne, 18 and Megan, 19, who offered to speak about their experiences at Wireless 2022. 

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Writing: Shakira Bruce – Abubakar | Subbing: Summer Rogers

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