Voices of London #5 – in conversation with Josh Wood

Josh Wood performing with Flowers of palo
Image credit: Josh Wood | Flowers of palo

This week on the Voices of London we speak to Josh Wood, a London-based drummer in the indie band Flowers of palo.

Speaking to us about his career so far, Josh tells us about the opportunities this has given him, including getting to perform on the same stage as some of his favourite artists.

Introduction to this week’s episode

He explains how he got into drumming, joined the band and why he’s studying TV production when his passion is drumming, Josh talks about his hopes for the future and how he will try to get there.

Full podcast episode here:

Interview: Argia Hernandez | Editing: Summer Rogers

You can listen to Flowers of palo here.

Flowers of palo on Spotify

Words: Summer Rogers | Subbing: Argia Hernandez

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