The Vamps Greatest Hits tour – a 10 year celebration

The Vamps 10 years at the O2
Image: Summer Rogers

This year is the 10 year anniversary of boyband, The Vamps. Known for their hits ‘Can We Dance’ and ‘Somebody To You’, they’re taking us on a trip down memory lane at their Greatest Hits world tour.

With this being their eighth headlining performance at the O2 Arena in London, The Vamps took to the stage to perform songs from across five albums they have created in their career so far, putting on a show filled with energy, they loved as much as – if not more than – the fans themselves. As Brad Simpson, the lead singer, said on the night: “You’re going to struggle to get us off this stage”.

Fans of all ages filled up the arena, with new listeners as well as those who went for the nostalgia of being fans when they were younger. That was the case for Nellie Silver, 20, who was a ‘Vampette’ when their first few albums Meet The Vamps and Wake Up were released.

Having attended a few of their past tours when she was aged between 12 and 16, Silver said: “I really enjoyed the concert, it was really great fun. They put on a really good performance as I felt they have done in all their other shows.”

“They played all my favourite, classic songs and it was really energetic and we all left in a really good mood and on a high.”

By playing more of their original hits in comparison to songs they played of their newest album Cherry Blossom , older fans were taken back in time by a decade, reminding them of what life was like back then with the bands original sound.

You can watch a full review and clips of the concert below.

Writing: Summer Rogers | Subbing: Shakira Bruce-Abubakar | Video Footage and Editing: Summer Rogers

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