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Dolce & Gabbana’s latest drama, the most exciting episode: “Messed up with Chinese”

Dolce & Gabbana’s latest drama, the most exciting episode: “Messed up with Chinese”

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Three online video ad campaigns posted on Instagram by Italian brand Dolce and Gabbana have caused an uproar in China. The campaign was supposed to advertise the brand's Shanghai fashion show. However, “The Great Show” got cancelled by the Chinese authorities due to accusations of racism over the ads which showed a model trying to eat Italian food with chopsticks. And the disrespectful messages leaked from Stefano Gabbana also the brand's official account which they claimed were hacked. Following the negative reaction on Instagram towards the ads, offensive messages were sent out from the D&G's and the leading designer’s Instagram accounts which later they said those were hacked. Stefano Gabbana, 56, D
Is the BBC’s non-white criteria discrimination?

Is the BBC’s non-white criteria discrimination?

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Tommy Robinson, a far-right political activist and former leader of the English Defence League, has sent a post circulating on social media. A Broadcast Journalist Trainee opportunity for BBC World Service, which he questionably labels as “blatant racism”, states that the internship is only open to candidates from a black, asian, or non-white ethnic minority background. © Creative Access This opportunity was run by Creative Access, an organisation that provides paid internships in the creative industries for talented young people from under-represented black, Asian and non-white ethnic minorities. Not-for-profit, Creative Access exist to ensure that diversity of Britain is reflected in the media. Stating that “media cannot reflect society if society is not reflected in the media

What they never tell you about being Asian and female in London

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People all over the world come to London, mesmerised by its sheer rawness of the passion, the love, the spirit.  They are blended into the traces of history and tradition lingering in every gesture of the English people and at every corner of the English streets. But sometimes we forget the diversity of cultures, minds, and voices that are interlocked in the community. Some are constantly prodded and probed to provide an explanation for their Asian looks, with basic manners and personal space hardly respected.   Women aged 18-23 from Chinese, South Korean, and Japanese heritage currently residing in London were interviewed to share their experience of living in London under these conditions. While the women did not hesitate to share their love for the city’s international cuisin

Jared O’Mara, Labour MP, is suspended after online past is criticised for offensive comments

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Words: Leanne Hall | Subbing: Charlotte Racher They say you can never get rid of anything on the internet, but Mr O’Mara is sure wishing he could after comments he made online 15 years ago resurface. The 35-year-old MP was exposed online for comments he made 15 years ago. These comments include… Commenting on Girls Aloud, O'Mara said: "I advise you to sack Sarah and the remaining four members (Nicola, Cheryl, Nadine and Kimberley) come have an orgy with me."  "I also dislike the prevailing western tendency to deify fatties… There is nothing noble or admirable about glutting on loads of fatty foods and making yourself obese and ill."  O’Mara also called gay men "fudge packers", "who drive Marmite up the motorway". He also said that if homosexuals feel they have the mon