Jared O’Mara, Labour MP, is suspended after online past is criticised for offensive comments

Words: Leanne Hall | Subbing: Charlotte Racher

Labour MP, Jared O’Mara has been suspended for online abuse

They say you can never get rid of anything on the internet, but Mr O’Mara is sure wishing he could after comments he made online 15 years ago resurface.

The 35-year-old MP was exposed online for comments he made 15 years ago.

These comments include…

Commenting on Girls Aloud, O’Mara said: “I advise you to sack Sarah and the remaining four members (Nicola, Cheryl, Nadine and Kimberley) come have an orgy with me.”

 “I also dislike the prevailing western tendency to deify fatties… There is nothing noble or admirable about glutting on loads of fatty foods and making yourself obese and ill.”

 O’Mara also called gay men “fudge packers”, “who drive Marmite up the motorway”. He also said that if homosexuals feel they have the monopoly on being abused, they should try being ginger.

Although Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour party leader, is yet to make a public statement surrounding the allegations against O’Mara, his spokesman has asked for O’Mara to be suspended, until further investigation has been completed.

Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has said the comments are “unacceptable”

The suspension came after further information was brought to their attention today. This information comes from Sophie Evans, who claims Mr O’Mara made offensive comments towards her.

Evans met the politician for a date a few months before he was elected, “We were outside a club in Sheffield. He looked me up and down and said a lot of stuff that isn’t repeatable but then called me an ugly b****. I’m annoyed people are sticking up for him, saying it was 15 years ago, when he said this to me it was just before he was elected.”

Mr O’Mara denies these claims calling them: “categorically untrue”.

O’Mara became MP during this year’s snap election, and may be gone just as quick.

Although O’Mara has apologised for his past comments, it doesn’t look like things are going to get any better for him. A Twitter poll from the Voice of London revealed that the majority of people want to see him leave.


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