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Tyson Fury: The Most Misunderstood Champion

Tyson Fury: The Most Misunderstood Champion

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Despite Tyson Fury's controversial, crude and over exaggerated character, has his personal issues allowed his outlandish persona to be understood? Reporter: Alex Zendra Tyson Fury, the unconventional, weird, outrageous British boxer who accomplished an unlikely task, ending the decade reign of- Wladimir Klitschko- in their fight. The Britton- Fury saw his stock had risen from defeating the Ukrainian world champion- from the boxing community. Not exactly from the entire British public. Many people understand the former heavyweight champion of the world to be, brash, arrogant, rude and a weird character-… but an excellent pugilist. Tyson had left remarks which the media understood as sexism, anti-Semitism and homophobia. Statements such as “Zionist Jewish people own all the banks all
An investigation into self-help books: Does it advise with mental health illnesses?

An investigation into self-help books: Does it advise with mental health illnesses?

Reporter: Lateefa Farah   Sub-Editor: Gabby Espinet In my previous article, Do Self-Help Books really Help, we came to the conclusion it was a source of useful words and phrases that would stick to us like quotes, but never really take part in our lives. Since the rise of self-help books have become so popular, I thought it would be extremely important to investigate whether or not it can help someone with mental health illness. According to the BBC, the NHS recently installed a program within their Mental Health sector where they have started to prescribe self help books for patients who have depression, and anxiety. It is noted that there are many more mental health illnesses, but these two seem to be the most popular amongst requested self-help books. Although, the real question is

Transformative creations: How art helps overcome depression and despair

As the national conversation around mental health begins to finally take hold, Voice of London discovers how one young woman overcame depression and the loss of a loved one to cancer through creating art. Reporter: Anisha Chowdhury | Sub-Editor: James Brookes   Rates of depression and anxiety amongst young people have increased by 70% in the past 25 years, and one in four (26%) young people in the UK experience suicidal thoughts according to Young Minds. This worrying trend shows that mental health is a problem that needs immediate attention, and anything that helps people express these thoughts should be embraced with open arms. Many young people find it difficult to express themselves, especially when there is a lack of understanding within the home environment. Of

Music And Mental Health: Is There A Line?

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Are there some things you just should not rap about? Reporter: Bella Dawe | Sub-Editor:  Chrys Salter Hip hop fans are used to their favourite artists throwing low blows and hurling insults at each other: from Ja Rule calling out Eminem's mother, baby mama and daughter on Loose Change in 2002, to rap legends Jay Z and Nas warring for years before finally quashing their beef in 2005. The fact is, rap is supposed to be gritty and thought-provoking. However, fans of the genre have been divided recently on social media following a feud between two highly influential artists: Drake and Kid Cudi. Just in case you didn't know - and really, you should - Kid Cudi is somewhat a legend. The Day N Nite rapper/producer has been making hits since before anyone had heard of Toronto rapper Drake,