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Dolce & Gabbana’s latest drama, the most exciting episode: “Messed up with Chinese”

Dolce & Gabbana’s latest drama, the most exciting episode: “Messed up with Chinese”

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Three online video ad campaigns posted on Instagram by Italian brand Dolce and Gabbana have caused an uproar in China. The campaign was supposed to advertise the brand's Shanghai fashion show. However, “The Great Show” got cancelled by the Chinese authorities due to accusations of racism over the ads which showed a model trying to eat Italian food with chopsticks. And the disrespectful messages leaked from Stefano Gabbana also the brand's official account which they claimed were hacked. Following the negative reaction on Instagram towards the ads, offensive messages were sent out from the D&G's and the leading designer’s Instagram accounts which later they said those were hacked. Stefano Gabbana, 56, D
Royole reveals world’s first foldable phone

Royole reveals world’s first foldable phone

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California-based, China backed tech conglomerate, Royole Corporation, win the race to release the next generation of mobile phone technology – introducing the FlexPai. The world’s first commercial fully flexible HD display releaved on the 31st of October offering users the ability to adapt on the go.   The Royole FlexPai enters the mobile market with an initial price of £1,020 for its 128GB model, peaking at £1,137 for the expanded storage of the 256GB version. The 7.8” super-durable, ultra-thin screen (stress tested for over 200,000 folds) is expandable, foldable or used split-screens with ease thanks to the intuitive drag and share touchscreen technology. The FlexPai pioneers the foldable p

The Best Treatment For My Homesickness

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Actually as a Chinese visiting student enjoying life but also struggling with language burries, variety deadlines, culture differences, daily trivialities in London, what gives me the most comfort and satisfaction is the traditional food of my own country. Though located in such a great international modern city where is filled with all sorts of wonderful dishes all over the world, I still miss Chinese food so much. First let’s talk about the highly ranked Chinese restaurant in London. Most people will go to Chinatown directly. This is a good idea. But there are also some other wonderful restaurants seperating in other places in London. I went out for testing them every weekend and now give you this recommended list. If you want to go to have hot pot, I RECOMMEND you to —— 蜀香格 (Sich