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Prosthetic Dicks and Where to Find Them

Investigations, LGBTI+
By Toby Walker Late one night, I showed a cis friend of mine and professional product designer some videos of prosthetic dick models available to transgender people who want them. Here is one such video, produced by a high-end packer company called Reelmagik. It’s very NSFW, along with every link in this article - but worth it just for the music. “They’re… amazing,” he gushed, holding his nose to stop beer coming out. “The design is incredible. Enviable.” I explained some of the problems trans masculine people have with particular features, such as an STP or ‘Stand To Pee’ packer that relies on gravity, faith, and considerable restraint in terms of flow to reduce the chance of an accident. I showed him how some of the basic ‘soft packers’ available come in three colours and t