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Spice Girls take over London

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If you've ever wondered what being a fan of a band is like, well, there's no way you can miss out on the new SpiceUp Exhibition in London. You can admire costumes from various world tours and video appearances, dolls, flasks, lunch boxes, plates, cups, Christmas crackers, toys, biscuits and cushions. There are also cake toppers, jigsaws, radios, magazines, Easter eggs, Pepsi cans, drinking glasses, handbags, three Aprilia mopeds and dozens of packets of Walkers crisps. Whether you've ever sang out loud wannabe in the 90s (or still do). Here's a little photogallery of the exhibition.     SpiceUp London ends August 20th. Get your tickets here.
Top 10 most instagram-able restaurants in London

Top 10 most instagram-able restaurants in London

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Mandarin London Hyde Park’s luxury 5 star hotel, Mandarin Oriental London, has one of the most clean-cut Instagram-able restaurants. Pristine, clean and spacious, it’s the breath of fresh air that us Londoners are in need of. Photo credit: www.kiwicollection.com Grind With velvet teal benches outlining the restaurant, the diner ‘look’ becomes elegant; complimented by curved lamps, the romantic old-school mood is set. Photo credit: www.londontown.com The London edition The romantic interior and warm lighting at The London Edition will be the perfect set to get to know someone- especially on those comfy sofas. Photo credit: blog.simplyhoteljobs.com Palm Vaults Millennial pink and palm tree green is the them here. Vibrant plants hanging abov
Four quirky art galleries you can visit in one morning

Four quirky art galleries you can visit in one morning

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Words: Delmar Gustav Terblanche | Subbing: Demi Bailey-Paul We’ve put together a quick walk in the shadow of the National Gallery which takes you to four independent art exhibits you can check out in one morning! Everyone in London knows about the Tate Modern and the National Gallery - these enormous buildings, stocked to the brim with art both famous and obscure, get over 20,000 visitors each day. But London is flooded with smaller art galleries you’ve never heard of, with their own styles and traditions. The first stop is the Alan Cristea Gallery, which is holding an exhibition by Michael Craig-Martin called “Quotidian”. Michael Craig-Martin is best known for his conceptual art (one famous piece displayed an ordinary glass of water and claimed that it had been transformed into an