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Students In The Studio

Students In The Studio

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A common myth about pursuing a career in the arts is that the success rate is very low, which discourages and prevents a lot of individuals from going into what they love. You wouldn’t expect the girl that’s board folding a t-shirt to have a stellar range of abstract paintings in her bedroom, or that the boy behind the counter at Subway has a three octave vocal range. After speaking to multiple students studying art here at The University of Westminster, they offered insight into their work and the what has inspired them and their own works. In the cluttered art studios located in the Harrow campus, Taylor Ellis (second year digital art), Sarajane Martin (second year painter), Aidan Currie (first year sculpture) and Jenö Davies (first year sculpture) talked about their personal experien
Jazz and its’ appeal to the younger generation

Jazz and its’ appeal to the younger generation

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Jazz’s strong history and extremely important impact on every genre is the reason it lives on. Reporter: Lateefa Farah| Subeditor: Gabby Espinet The older image of Jazz, that being of Cuban cigars, old men in suit and ties, doesn’t seem to fit the scene in the generation that’s starting to bring it back. London is known for its vast range of music genres and environments, and does a very good job of bringing it together. But, what I wanted to explore was how Jazz was becoming a lot more appealing amongst the younger generation, i.e.those who come into pubs and bars in sneakers. TJ, 20, Bassist for the well known Jazz group Ezra Collective, expands on this: “I feel Jazz is appealing to young people simply because they are being reintroduced to it. I think there will and have always

Petra Collins’ impact on the world of fashion aesthetics

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The New York City based visual artist and photographer is a trailblazer for creating a creative safe space for girls to be protected from the male gaze. Through pastel touched images that capture the female perception of authority, beauty and otherworldly nature of the young female experience. Reporter: Andrew Whiteford | Sub-Editor: Hannah Grafton Definite, the candid 23-year-old spends most of her creative energy into snapping other people, but she also believes that because you are taking photo of somebody else, that it does not mean it does not reflect you. “The selfie, particularly, has revolutionised the way that we are able to characterise ourselves,” she says. “It makes it possible for people who have little representation to create images of their own, and because of social medi

Crafty Fox Christmas Market:make your Christmas present stand out

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With just more than a month left before Christmas Crafty Fox Market is a right place to get your gifts sorted Reporter: Alina Isachenka | Sub-Editor: Mariya Grinina Wonder where to get your one-of-a-kind Christmas present? Then Crafty Fox Christmas Market is for you. Aiming to connect handmade design talent with savvy customers, this family-run market features over 60 handpicked stalls with everything from jewelry to homewear to textile. Come to Oval this Saturday, November the 19th and find your unique piece, from Retro Graphic Set of Coasters to the accessories brand inspired by architecture. Fox Market also features a handicraft workshop, where you can how learn the art behind the screenprinting, so the visit will pay you with the new skill. Address: 29 - 32 The Ova