Stevie Nicks in cinemas

Thanks to TikTok and the follow up on other social media, Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams is back on the charts for the first time since 1977.

With so much interest going now towards the band, it was a perfect moment for the Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold The Concert premiere.

Recorded in 2018, the concert was a part of Stevie’s tour during which the artist decided to share some of her previously unknown records. The show obviously wasn’t missing classics like Rhiannon, Edge of Seventeen, or Gold Dust Woman, but it was the short stories Stevie told about the unheard songs that made the concert so special.

She told about the beginning of her career, her experience as a waitress, a broken Toyota she eventually started missing after driving a limo, and an outfit she bought because she always knew she was someone. Her solo career was very important to her and she mentioned that after Wild at Heart became a hit, she could say that “Bella Donna was not a fluke.”

But Fleetwood Mac was still a big part of her life and for certain reasons, she didn’t get to publish everything that she has ever written. It seemed like performing the records, that at some point ended up in the ”gothic trunk of lost songs”, was a unique experience both for her, and the audience. Watch Crying in the Night, which the artist released as a preview:

With her flowy shawl, iconic tambourine, and soothing velvet voice, every song had something magical in it. The lyrics felt personal, especially after hearing what it really was about. Stevie told stories about Lindsey Buckingham, Tom Petty, or the time she met Prince before he was really famous.

It was great to listen to all these anecdotes, even though they happened at least thirty years ago. Stevie Nicks on stage is timeless, just as her songs. So maybe that’s why Dreams are back on the charts after nearly half a century. Magdalena, 22, said: “I think her music is ageless, and the sound not basic, so it really stays with you.”

People on social media mention how they started listening to Fleetwood Mac. Their beginnings vary from hearing the band first on the radio, learning about it from their parents, or seeing Stevie Nicks guest-starring in the American Horror Story TV series.

She has certainly been an influential figure over the years. Her amazing voice, original style, and “social butterfly” personality (as she described herself during the concert) make her a truly memorable artist. “Stevie is my role model,” said Ayesha, whose poem from 2015 was inspired by the singer:

It Is To Be


It if not one nor three

I see four arches

Above the Trees

If I step out on one of her wings

I can hear a sweet melody

She is trying to sing

And while I am there

I can wave out my hand

And say this all I see here

Is all my land

The steps are made of sandstone

Through out the land

When walked upon

It turns into red and white sands

At night the air

Is cool and cold

Some of my canyons

Are as pure as gold 

This is my land

So far I see

For that it is mine

Cause It Is To Be…

And if you want to know what inspired Stevie Nicks to write Landslide among many others, go see the Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold The Concert, also screening in London on the 25th October in the Everyman cinemas.

Words: Karolina Pracht I Subbing: Kristina Hristova

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