Big surprise for Harry Styles model

Harry Styles, Image: Wikimedia commons with creative commons license

Singer Harry Styles, known for his gender-fluid wardrobe and love of nail polish, has launched his own beauty brand, ‘Pleasing’.

In this podcast, I sat and spoke with Joana Borges, 22 year-old student from London, who is a model in the branding of Styles’ launch. We spoke about her experience doing the shoot and if she would want to do it again.

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“I found out the shoot was for Harry Styles the day everyone else did” Joana shares her shock yet excitement finding out she is one of the main faces of ‘Pleasing’.

Joana Borges, image by: Joana Borges

Tune in to hear how this exciting experience happened and how it felt.

Audio and words: Valeria Vintimilla | Subbing: Joe Benham 

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