Royal Albert Hall reopens and prepares for its 150th anniversary

"THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL LONDON" by John K Thorne on Creative Commons

2021 marks a rebirth after the crisis that hit the sector

LONDON – The famous Royal Albert Hall in London is getting ready to reopen after the end of the second national UK lockdown. An ambitious and star-filled program to celebrate the 150th anniversary of its inauguration in 2021 has been announced. Previously closed only during World War II, the concert hall has released the names of some of the biggest performers that have been booked: Eric Clapton, Patti Smith and the Beach Boys.“]

Craig Hassall, head of the London venue, underlined the British institution’s determination to remain a point of reference for music “despite the devastating impact of the pandemic”. Live music venues have seen revenues drop 85% this year, with a ripple effect visible across the industry, according to a report from industry body Music UK.

The Royal Albert Hall, inaugurated in 1871 by Queen Victoria and named after her husband, Prince Albert, suffered a loss of £27 million during the lockdown whilst having to reimburse £7.5 million worth of tickets for cancelled performances. Following the easing of restrictions across the UK from 2nd December, it is ready to welcome the public with social distancing measures as early as this month. At the same time, London’s other museums and tourist attractions reopen, in compliance with anti-Covid rules.


Words: Deborah Melchiorre | Subbed by William Murray

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