Update: Woman dies of her injuries after concert crushing at Asake concert

Credit: @grixmagazine via twitter

It has been sadly reported that a woman has died of her injuries after a crushing left several others injured and three others in critical condition after a crushing at a concert Thursday night at London’s Brixton O2 Academy.

The concert, held by afrobeat artist Asake, was stopped halfway through after a large number of people forced their way inside, despite previous warnings to not attend if people did not have tickets.

Rebecca Ikumelo, 33, from Newham, East London, passed away in hospital on Saturday morning, the Met has said.

Two other women, aged 21 and 23, are said to still remain in critical condition.

Asake said he was “overwhelmed with grief” and “devastated” by her passing.

He wrote: “My sincerest condolences to her loved ones at this time. Let us please keep her family in our prayers. I have spoken to them and will continue to do so.”

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan also “extended [his] condolecences to her family and loved ones via a tweet on twitter:

The O2 Academy also posted a statement saying they were “deeply saddened” by the tragic death of Rebecca Ikunelo and that they send their “heartfelt condolences to Rebecca’s family and friends” and “everyone affected by this devastating news at this extremely difficult time.”

If you have any information regarding Thursday’s events, please contact the police.

Writing: Shakira Bruce-Abubakar | Subbing: Zofia Sookyova

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