Brixton O2 Academy: four people are in critical condition after fans break into Asake’s concert

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Eight people have been hospitalised with four in critical condition, after trouble with crowd control at a concert in South London.  

Several people were locked outside the O2 Academy in Brixton, in freezing temperatures, after 3,000 people forced their way into afrobeat singer, Asake, concert last night. 

This eventually led to the concert being cancelled half-way through, with Asake’s management telling concert-goers: “The reason we have to stop the show is because they have breached the doors. 

You’ve got 3,000 people who have broken the doors outside and because of security, the police have asked us to close the show. We apologise to you, this is nothing to do with us, it is nothing to do with Asake or the promoters.” 

The O2 Academy website states that the venue has a standing capacity of 4,921 people. However, despite tickets being sold out and fans of the Nigerian artist previously being warned not to attend if they did not have tickets, an extra 3,000 fans attempted to intrude the concert – resulting in the venue being overcrowded

The Metropolitan police reports that officers, the London Ambulance Service and London Fire Brigade were called to the scene at 9:35 pm last night. Eight individuals have been taken to hospital, with four still in critical condition, due to a crushing that occurred from a stampede into the venue. Others injured were treated at the scene. 

Met Police gold commander, Ade Adelekan, has described the incident as “extremely distressing”. 

He said: “This is an extremely upsetting incident which has left four people critically ill in hospital. My thoughts and prayers are with them and their families.” 

“A police investigation has been launched, and it will be as thorough and as forensic as necessary to establish exactly what happened last night. The scene will be examined by specialist officers, CCTV will be viewed, every witness that we can make contact with will be spoken to and all other lines of enquiry will be followed.” 

“Officers are remaining in the area to provide reassurance to the local community in and around Brixton.” 

Although no arrests have taken placee, detectives have launched a full-on investigation and cordons have been put in place at the entrance of the O2 Academy. 

He added: “I am aware of videos being shared on social media. I would ask people to be sensible about what they share , and not to post material that will be upsetting to those affected by this incident.” 

Asake, also took to Instagram, to voice about the incident: “My heart is with those who were injured last night and caused any form of discomfort. I pray you get well soonest. I am also in the process of reaching out to individuals.” 

He continued: “I am sorry that it was cut short. Thank you for your unbelievable love London. I love you too much! I’m looking forward to seeing you again in a bit!” 

Many people have also shared their thoughts on Twitter: 

We will continue to offer updates on the pending situation and investigation. 

Writing: Shakira Bruce-Abubakar | Subbing: Beth Lander

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