Harry & Meghan: Public reactions after documentary released

As Harry and Meghan are trending on social media again, the Voice of London team asks what young people think of the Sussexes.  

The last set of episodes of the documentary is out and as promised, they hold some scandalous bits, but is it possible that young people simply don’t care?

Emily, 21, an international student
Mia, 21, a British university student

Whether you care or not, the information revealed in the series promises to make even stone-hearted people shed a tear. Meghan shares her anxiety and suicidal thoughts after suffering a miscarriage, while Harry explains the fallout with his brother.  

Scenes of the peaceful life the couple enjoy with their two kids feature in the latest episodes. However, the atmosphere changes when the couple recalls the unwanted attention they received from the British media, compared to the consistently positive narrative surrounding William and Kate.  

The backbone of the Oprah interview doesn’t seem to feature in the six episodes of the documentary and namely – who made the claim of racism against their firstborn son.  

One fact that stands out is the revelation of Harry deciding for the couple to step down as working Royals, not Meghan, as people have continuously blamed her for.

The first volume of the documentary series Harry & Meghan received 81.55M hours of viewing in its first week, the most of any documentary title. As the title is Top 3 of most watched-on Netflix UK, we expect to see more commentary from the public and the Royal Family themselves.  

Meghan and Harry embark on this journey of being self-sufficient, healthy and happy, but negative commentary continues.  

However, Amelia, 21, a British student, insists that the Sussexes should be allowed to live the life they want.  

Needless to say, it has been an eventful year for the British Royal Family. Season five of the Crown, the scandal regarding Lady Susan Hussey, Prince Andrew’s association with Jeffrey Epstein and the documentary, they never seem to catch a break.  

Words: Elitsa Maymareva | Subbed by: Ashreya Jimi

Featured image: Screenshot via Netflix by Elitsa

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