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Yoga on the tube: keep stress away with these 4 simple steps

Words and photography: Stephany Malcolm | Subbing Kate Reichardt

Winter is upon us, and that means all the joys… and the stress that comes along with it. London is filled with people enjoying bright lights and festive events, but shorter days and busier nights can mean not enough time to focus on looking after yourself.

The Voice of London visited Panna, a dedicated yoga teacher, mentor and healer with over 30 years experience. She showed us a simple four-step yoga exercise, to reduce stress and increase relaxation, that you can do at work or even on the tube home.

All photographs taken and edited by Stephany Malcolm

5 Minutes. 5 questions…

We sat down with Panna over a cup of (herbal) tea to ask her five questions that only yoga teacher in London would understand.

Q:  You’re running late to a class, do you run or walk to the tube?



Q: Where’s the most unusual place in London that you find peace?



Q: Apart from yoga classes, where do you find spiritual people?


Q: Are the majority of your students younger or more mature?



Q: What do you feel is the one biggest misconception about yoga?



Q: Should they teach yoga in schools around London, do you think that would benefit children growing up in a big city?



No time? Listen to this special compilation of Piano and Cello Duets by Mark Cosmo and Sacred Mind. Each successive song will help you relax and heal.


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