Christmas Ads 2017: what’s your favourite?

London sparkles proudly, wrapped in Christmas lights. Dazzling branches and trees invade every corner of every store, covered in fluffy polyester snow. Cheerful music has been playing uninterruptedly since September. You leave trails of golden powder behind you as you leave a store.

Nevertheless, the festive season does not begin until we see the Christmas ads. Now that Sainsbury’s and Waitrose have released their adverts, we can officially put on our proverbial Santa hats.

Sainsbury’s – EveryBitofChristmas

Sainsbury’s dared to use a karaoke Christmas song and Twitter users are not impressed:

However, someone is willing it give it a chance:


Waitrose – #ChristmasTogether

Waitrose’s ad, launched this morning, features a community brought together by a snowstorm resulting in  impromptu festivities in a pub. How WalesOnline reports, Waitrose customer director Martin George said: “Food plays an essential role in bringing people together. As our ad depicts, eating together is a way to share not just food but friendship and community spirit.”


John Lewis – #MozTheMonster

The £7m John Lewis’ Ad, BBC reports, was directed by Oscar-winning Michel Gondry. Moz, a friendly monster, lives under the bed of Joe, a kid who has difficulty sleeping. The two, after a cautious approach, begin a nocturnal friendship that leaves Joe exhausted. On Christmas day, he receives a lamp from the monster to help him fall asleep in the darkness. When Joe switches on the lamp and peeks under his bed, Moz has disappeared. But switching off the lamp is enough to hear Moz sleeping under Joe’s bed.

#MozTheMonster hashtag on Twitter got different responses.

There was who complained about Moz’s puppet:

And who went political:

Tesco – #EveryonesWelcome

Celebration of diversity was the central focus in Tesco’s 2017 Ad. However, the Muslim family portrayed in the Ad raised some divergences:

However, others appreciated the ad:



Asda – Best Christmas Ever

Asda sees a girl entering the “Imaginarium”, Wonderland-like food factory that prepares Christmas treats with magical creatures in startling sceneries. The ad, however, is fairly limited to showcasing Asda’s Christmas products, a bit dry of emotion in comparison.


Marks & Spencer – Paddington & The Christmas Visitor

Appreantly, Paddington Bear conquered the love of the Brits this year:



Argos – #ReadyForTakeOff

Morrisons – Free from






Words: Giulia Trinci | Subbing: Milica Cosic

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