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Stylist Live: A celebration of Inspirational Books and Intersectional Feminism

Stylist Live: A celebration of Inspirational Books and Intersectional Feminism

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Words: Lavinia Petrucci | Subbing: Joanne Clark Stylist Live was better than ever in its third edition, this time at Olympia London. Between inspirational talks and various freebies, no one left empty handed. Stylist Live got bigger and better last weekend at Olympia London. The three-day festival included more than 200 pop-up shops and inspiring talks and workshops. This year the amount of focus on books was extraordinary. On Saturday, the book war was between Labour MP Jess Philips with her book Everywoman opposite the actor and comedian Robert Webb with his How Not to be a Boy. One of the most packed sessions was certainly the discussion on How to be Brave: Speaking up against racism. With two extraordinary panellists like Reni Eddo-Lodge, the author of Why I’m No Longer

Bella Hadid confirmed as contributing editor at Teen Vogue

The model Bella Hadid got hired as a contributing editor at Teen Vogue, adding another title to her already extraordinary CV. Elaine Welteroth, the Teen Vogue editor-in-chief, announced the new addition to the team yesterday on her Instagram story. Hadid also celebrated her new job on social media. The "contributing editor" title might sound rather bombastic for what it stands for - a "high-end" freelancer or consultant. However, her influence in the fashion industry will be a precious asset for the magazine. Aside from contributing to articles for the publication, Hadid will be commissioned special project that could benefit from her position. However, she is not the first model to get a foot in a fashion publication. Fellow supermodel, Cara Delevingne, was named contributing ed

London’s ever-growing zine scene

With print sales falling and a generation obsessed with online content, a small part of the print industry has begun to thrive, London’s zine scene. Reporter: Emily Fortune | Sub-Editor: Anisha Chowdhury Zines have been around for decades, widely known during the punk era as specialist magazines for fans. We now see their return, re-inventing the print industry and bringing a new zest of creativity into the way we create magazines. From intersectional-feminist print enthusiasts and illustration journals to cartoon furniture obsessors and a zine entirely dedicated to everyone's favourite people, bouncers, the world of zines is certainly not limited. The zine world has plenty to offer and has proved to the rest of the industry you don’t have to stick to traditional writing, design or top


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