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From “Old Bones” to “Paradise” with Broadside

From “Old Bones” to “Paradise” with Broadside

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It happened. The Voice of London sat down with Ollie and Dorian from Broadside to discuss about Paradise, their first ever festival in the UK and dealing with life after Warped Tour. You just played your last set at Slam Dunk, how was it? Dorian: It was great, fun. I am not entirely sure about what happened, but they put these gates up to the left of our stage to keep people coming and then they locked up? I think we reached capacity or something, but I also saw people waiting outside the gates. Oliver: The energy was good, it was probably our biggest crowd we played to, but then again, it's hard to say. Dorian: Day 1 even was surprising for us. Oliver: Maybe Slam Dunk in general. It was more of a consolidated area. There was definitely 800 people every day, for sure. Dor...
Educating yet entertaining: Christmas Past at the Geffrye Museum

Educating yet entertaining: Christmas Past at the Geffrye Museum

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Words and pictures: Marija Tomsone | Subbing: Isabella Dawe Today, with only 12 days left until Christmas, we decided The Voice of London Entertainment section needs more festive feed. That is why on Sunday, one of the coldest days of the year (and whitest, as it finally snowed in London) we found ourselves at the Christmas Past exhibition at the Geffrye Museum - a tiny gem in the east of the city, showing Londoners the best traditions of festive home decorations. The Geffrye Museum (named after Sir Robert Geffrye, Lord Mayor of London in 1685) portrays traditional English home and home life traditions. It consists of 11 rooms and a garden displaying life, traditions and interiors of London’s middle-class for the past 400 years. Every late November the museum turns into the most festive

A choir will warm you up ’tis season at Leicester Square

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Busking away every Saturday morning on the Leicester Square is the band of Jesus’s very own army from the God’s Vision Church at the heart of central London. Their singing may not the most polished of sounds, as most of them are seeing the lyrics for the first time, but that is exactly their purpose: to simply sing out their passion for the love of Christ and spread its joy. Led by Pastor Young-joo Lee, the team of singing evangelists sacrifice their morning snoozes and Saturday brunches to inform, sing aloud and pray for the city of London. As choir sings the contemporary Christian tunes to the acoustic guitar, a glance at the individual faces tells you that while they would never find themselves on stage for anything, being together in faith with the rest of their Christian community