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Sully- review

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I am not really a movie person. I find them too long and too obvious to spend more than 90 minutes on watching them. Every time I am trying to check if anything changed and giving it another go watching it in my home , I find myself extremely tired and (10 out of 10 times) I’m simply falling asleep.   Reporter: Natalia Sokolowska | Sub-editor: Marta Szymborska     But my lack of ability to focus is one thing and my boyfriend is another. His big gest love were, are and always will be planes. I have been forced to watch plane crashes on YouTube (which made me anxious every time I even go online to book my tickets, not to mention the journey itself), tried teaching me the differences between all of the planes and made me guess the airline of the plane passing 2500 metr

I’d have all the ART in the world, if I was a wealthy girl..

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With the world going through a non-indifferent economic crisis (first with Brexit, then Trump and now the Italian referendum) it is no surprise that many stocks have gone down. The art auction business however, seems to tell a different story... Reporter: Cecilia Peruzzi | Sub-editor: Chloe Chapman Just a month ago Sotheby's, London's most renowned auction house, made the news for setting a new record at the David Bowie collection auction. The Bowie estate spent months on end collaborating with the auction house to put together a collection of over 350 works, ranging from 16th century Venetian altar pieces to contemporary ceramics and design products. The auction was divided in three parts with the first one, taking place on the evening of November 10th, having 47 pieces go under the ...

Not Such a Joke After All? XFactor Boys Set For Big Things

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The story of how I ended up partying alongside X Factor 'joke' duo Bradley and Ottavio, Nicole Scherzinger and Sam Smith. Reporter - Chrys Salter Interestingly enough, when I pictured my Saturday night out in London’s Soho district, I was with people a lot less exciting than a couple of X Factor finalists who had divided the nation earlier on this year with their ‘joke’ act, branded talentless and fame hungry by journalists and viewers alike. The truth of the matter is however; this pair of popstar wannabes are much more intelligent than you might think. After stumbling in to the wrong queue outside the notorious Heaven night club near Embankment, I would not have even noticed there was a red carpet if I hadn’t been scrambling on the floor looking for my credit card which I had droppe

Q&A With Joshua Benjamin – Life As An Unsigned Artist

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Reporter: Raynor Fry | Subeditor: Martina Di Gregorio Joshua Benjamin, a 22-year-old musician from a small village in Hertfordshire, who now resides in London, is gifted in singing and playing the piano, guitar and drums, with the piano being his main instrument, describes his sound as alternative R&B. He writes, records and produces all of his own tracks that are noticeably of high quality despite his lack of professional help being an unsigned artist. I asked him a series of questions to understand what it is like to be an aspiring musician in this difficult industry especially when you’re unsigned. Click on the YouTube link below to see the interview.