UN campaigns for elimination of violence against women

UN International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women
Photo: UN Women @UN_Women on Twitter

Today marks an international day to prevent violence against women, organised by the United Nations.

Following the deaths of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa, along with recent incidents of spiking, women have been particularly concerned with their safety in recent months.

To understand more, Voice of London have been looking into the issue.

Take a look at what we found…

What is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women?

It comes as domestic violence against women and girls has become more common during the pandemic.

To bring attention to this, UN Women have started a campaign called The Shadow Pandemic.

The organisation states that “one in three women worldwide experience physical or sexual violence mostly by an immediate partner.”

As a result, they created the Orange the World movement to raise awareness on the issue. The colour orange represents violence against women and so the organisation is asking people to take part by posting on social media.

Words: Sarah Chaffey | Subbing: Megan Milstead

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