Uber’s stock has near-record fall after London license loss

Credit to Freestocks-photos at Pixabay

In the aftermath of TfL denying Uber a license renewal to continue its services for being unfit to do so, its stocks have been witnessing a decline.

To mark this change of event, here’s an infographic highlighting some of Uber’s highly controversial moments in recent years.

The ridesharing company revealed that it will be appealing this decision, and can continue to offer its services until then.

Dara Khosrowshahi, the company’s CEO since 2017, criticised TfL’s course of action:

Sadiq Khan, too, addressed the issue this morning via a Twitter statement:

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Words and infographic: Zaina Emad | Photo: Freestocks-photos at Pixabay

Infographic layout: Anna Katrina Marchesi | Infographic website: Canva

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