Young community of artists are attracting people with their art events

Nowadays, there are so many artists in London who want to be noticed and heard by people, but is social media enough for artists to promote themselves? In some way –  yes, but it is still not enough.

People can use social media to show their work, but physical interaction is something really important when it comes to networking. There are many events, workshops and seminars in which upcoming London artists can participate and talk specifically about art, creativity or their inspiration and some of them are run by F.A.T. Studio.

What is F.A.T. Studio?
It is a newly formed, artist-led community of young and aspiring artists and designers that bring together art lovers across London.
Originally, the community was created by six artists who have interests in different areas of art – Rachel, Sophie, Nathan, Kate, Rachel and Natanya – but for the past few years all of them independently participated in running similar types of events.

What’s F.A.T. Studio’s main goal?
F.A.T. Studio’s main goal is to organize events in which more and more people will get to join.
“I think that we just all realize that is more rewarding both for us personally as individuals, but also for us as professionals”, F.A.T. Studio’s organizer, Rachel Sale, shared with Voice of London. 

F.A.T. Studio is an inspiring community which aims to bring artists together while offering them a place to share their work. The artists often critique each other’s art and give constructive feedback. 

There are many events that F.A.T. Studio organized so far. “Bring Your Own Work” is one of many events that offers a space for artists to display their artwork.

What to expect from F.A.T Studio in the future?
The organizers will continue to run events at places which are easily accessible to the public and they will try to explore new activities to keep new and exciting for artists and attendees.

Most of the events are free and accessible to the public. The organizers kindly offer free coffee, cookies and some prizes to all of the people who come to their sessions.



Words: Martin Yonchev

Photos: Ian Williams on Unsplash / Martin Yonchev


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