The Ukrainians who made London their home

Credit: Max Kukurdziak|Unsplash

Earlier this year, in February, a chain of events turned the life of around 40 million people, perhaps more, upside down. What has changed?

Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February. The conflict has been going on for months with no clear winner yet.

The losers, however, are the people, especially Ukrainians. But thanks to their optimism and spirit, they managed to turn a loss into a win.

This week, I spoke with Liza, a former English teacher from Kyiv who’s been living in London for seven months. She dives deep into the moving process, the situation in her home country, and her plans for the future.

Interview & editing: Istvan Botond Beres

Words: Istvan Botond Beres|Subbing: Aleksandra Martynow

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