The rise in fake Covid-19 passports

With the world trying to control Covid’s new variant Omicron, rules everywhere have instantly tightened. But with people still desperate to carry on with life as normal, there seems to be an increase in the production and purchasing of fake covid vaccine certificates/passports.

Fake Covid passports allow people to enter venues and travel freely, with the false certificate that state they have been vaccinated. 

While vaccination is a choice, many activities and travel are still limited if you have not received a dose.

With 69.1% of the UK population vaccinated (Our World in Data), there is an obvious market for these fake certificates. With the certificates ranging from £200 upwards and being sold on social media platforms, medical professionals around the world are being accused and prosecuted for involvement. 

But why not get a certificate for free and just get the vaccine?

A source we asked who had purchased a fake certificate, aged 21, for £500 said “It’s my choice not to get the vaccine for medical reasons. How else am I supposed to travel and go to where I want to go?”.                 

When asked about if they used the certificate, they had this to say “I’ve been travelling in and around Europe for about 6 months now using the certificate. I’ve never been questioned and I know so many people doing the same thing.”

Joe, 23, who is fully vaccinated said this on the issue “I think it is kind of an insult. Because its selfish, everyone else is getting the vaccine to look out for those and other people. It would just help themselves. Why pay a stupid amount of money, when you can protect yourself and get the vaccine and certificate for free on the NHS?”.

With this issue being raised, there has been a conflict of opinions on social media.

Words by: Chloe Reilly | Subbed by: Joe Benham

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