Outrage after supreme court declines use of gender neutral passports

Ethan Wilkinson via Unsplash

The court case for gender neutral passports to be used in the UK has ended with the government’s refusal to implement them. Their argument was that “a biographical detail which can be used to confirm their identity”.

The appeal which was made by Christie Elan-Cane was dismissed by the Supreme Court. This has led to the case being taken to the European Court of Human Rights.

The legal battle has been ongoing for decades and so far, Countries such as New Zealand, the US, Pakistan, and Germany have implemented gender neutral passports.

According to the BBC, Lord Reed stated that “gender could be checked against birth, adoption or gender recognition certificates as part of confirming an applicant’s identity” and that “There is no legislation in the United Kingdom which recognises a non-gendered category of individuals”.

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