Election Results: Conservatives lose key London boroughs

Labour has taken three London councils from Conservative power in local elections.

Westminster, Wandsworth and Barnet councils have been controlled by the Conservatives since the 1960s, 1970s and since the council was established respectively. 

The Conservatives have retained control over Kensington & Chelsea, Hillingdon and Bexley.

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Across the rest of England, the Liberal Democrats have gained 76 councillors. The Green Party have gained 32 councillors.

Although the Conservatives have lost some of their seats and strongholds, they are still holding majorities in northern England.

More than 40 councils are yet to announce their results so stay tuned for more updates. 12 London boroughs are also yet to announce their results.

To know more about how young people are voting, check out this link: “We’re always taking a step back when voting”

What does your local council do?

Local councils’ responsibilities change depending on where you live, but in general they are responsible for everything in a local area, such as bin collections, recycling, Council Tax and housing.

Local elections take place in the UK at least every four years. 

According to the government website, councils will either elect all the local councillors every four years, elect half the local councillors every two years, or elect one third every year for three years.

To vote in a local election you must be:

  • Registered to vote
  • Aged 18 or over on the polling day
  • Registered at an address in the area you want to vote in
  • A British, Irish or EU citizen

Voters can either go to their local polling station, which they can find here, or apply for a postal vote.

(All information taken from gov.uk and the Electoral Commission).

Featured image credit: Yana Trup

Words: Yana Trup | Subbing: Argia Hernandez

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